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Camminata genitori/bimbi - Parent & child walk

Domenica 10 aprile, in occasione dell’apertura stagione rifugio Uso di Sotto, sopra Pescia - CAMMINANDO LUNGO I SENTIERI DELLA MONTAGNA PESCIATINA. Percorsi alla portata di tutti, nel tragitto giochi a tema per i bambini, e punto ristoro all’arrivo al rifugio. Adulti 10 euro, bambini 5 euro. Una bella, sana iniziativa - qualcuno vorrebbe venire che facciamo un gruppettino dei Tiddlywinks?

This Sunday there’s an organised family walk along the footpaths of the Pescia mountains. Meet in Pescia and walk to the Uso di Sotto refuge which reopens for the season this weekend. Route is suitable for everyone, games organised for the kids along the way, refreshments/lunch provided on arrival at the refuge. 10 euro adults, 5 euro kids. The refuge is accessible by car if anyone just wants to drive up or be collected afterwards. Otherwise you can walk back down to Pescia. Sunday weather will be good, would be fun to go in a group. Anyone interested let me know and I’ll send full details.